Phone Repair

iPhone, iPad and iPod Repair Specialists

We specialise in repairing iPhone, iPad and iPods outside of Apple warranty. We can repair water damage as well as a wide variety of hardware faults, including cracked iPhone screens, battery problems and impact damage faults.

If you are unsure of what the exact fault is, order a free assessment, contact us or visit one of our offices in Auckland or Christchurch.

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iPhone Repair

Our mobile phone technician specialist are specialize to repair all kinds of iPhone. So if you have broken screen, low battery life or a hardware faults that you detect in your mobile phones, send your device now for repair

Also specialize in all parts replacement of your iPhone mobile phone devices

How do I get my iPhone Repaired Service?

Option 1: You can pop in to one of our service offices in Auckland or Christchurch.

Option 2: Submit a repair order here and send the iPhone to your nearest branch. We'll get straight onto your unit as soon as it arrives and give you TXT and email updates to inform you of our progress.

IMPORTANT: It is essential to turn off Find My iPhone before we service your iPhone. This article has details on how to turn it off.

All kinds of iPhone Repair

Price incl GST

From $ 60.00

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Apple iPad repair

iPads are sensitive devices made of the very highest quality components.

Fixxed uses only top quality, genuine Apple parts. This means the quality is second to none and customers enjoy the very best their iPads have to offer. Please note that repairs of iPads usually involves replacement of the whole unit with a service exchange.

Unfortunately, people sometimes get their iPads repaired by unauthorised repairers who use non-genuine parts resulting in a poor quality finish.

Do it now

If you have an iPad that requires service, get in touch with us or book your mobile phone repair online... and we'll take it from there.

IMPORTANT: It is essential to turn off Find My iPad before we service your iPad. This articlehas details on how to turn it off.  

All Kinds Of iPads

Price incl GST

From $80.00

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Apple iPod repairs

If your iPod has failed or is damaged, Fixxed NZ is here to assist.

It is important to note that iPod repairs usually involve an exchange of the entire unit and so you should ensure your data (songs, media etc) is fully backed up before sending it in to us. iTunes normally handles this for you if you sync.

It is also important to turn off Find My iPod before service. For more information, please refer to this article from Apple.

What now?

To log your iPod repair, please enter the details here. You can then drop it in to the nearest service centre or send it to us via courier.

IMPORTANT: It is essential to turn off Find My iPod before we service your iPod. This article has details on how to turn it off.

All Kinds Of iPods

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Samsung Galaxy Repairs

We repair the full range of high end Galaxy smartphones including: Galaxy S5 G900, Galaxy S5 G800, Galaxy S4 I9500 I9502 I9505 I9506 I9295, Galaxy S4 Mini I9190, Galaxy S3 I9300 I9305, Galaxy S3 Mini I8190, Galaxy S2 I9100, Galaxy S I9000 I9001, Galaxy Express, Galaxy Ace.

How do I do it?

The first step is to check your warranty then log your repair for free assessment. After that you just need to send your unit to us and look for our nearest branch.and we'll take it from there!

All Kinds Of Samsung Phones

Price incl GST

From $60.00

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Repair not listed?

We can repair all aspects of all mobile phones and offer free diagnosis and assessment of these devices.

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